EPMS Incoming Server Task

The Electronic Protective Marking System (EPMS) Incoming server task processes incoming SMTP message X-Protective-Marking header and/or subject line and is primarly designed to work with the Titus Labs solutions for the Australian Email Protective Marking Standard solution. See http://www.titus-labs.com/solutions/compliance/eprotective.php

If  you  would like a 30 day evaluation prior to purchasing the EPMSIncoming server task (price includes 12 months formal support and maintenance) please  click  >> Quote link  <<  to register and we will send you a time activated copy. Other Information such as your Domino Domain name and number of server task instances will be requested if your decide to purchase business support.

How it works

The EPMSIncoming server task can be customised for any message caveat and X-Header requirement. See a basic Exchange to Domino SMTP message processing flow below:

Figure 1 - Message sent from Outlook with message caveats

Figure 2 - Exchange message moved to "EPMSIncoming.nsf" by SMTP rule, processed by EPMSIncoming server task and delivered to Notes user

Figure 3 - E-mail received by Notes client from Domino with X-Protective-Marking processed into Notes items