DominoDefrag Enterprise Edition

The "DominoDefrag Enterprise Edition" product comprises a mail-in database (MIDB) with file name "DominoDefragAdmin.nsf" and business support for it and the current "DominoDefrag.exe" (provided on OpenNTF - under a 12 month Business Support Agreement (BSA) upon full fee payment or on invoice receipt.

Free Evaluation

A free fully functioning “DominoDefragAdmin.nsf” MIDB can be downloaded from (link above), but only has limited support to only the OpenNTF site.


If you would like to get an obligation free quote to purchase the DominoDefrag Enterprise Edition (price includes 12 month business support and software maintenance), please click  >> Quote link  <<  to register (also providing the number of Domino servers licenses you require). Other Information such as your Domino Domain name will be requested if your decide to purchase business support. Price list is below and please add to the shopping cart if you would like to purchase...

USD Quantity Prices per Domino server